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Protect Your Wealth. Empower Your Children With A Thoughtful Estate Plan.
Protect Your Wealth. Empower Your Children With A 
Thoughtful Estate Plan.
Discover how to preserve your assets and values in a way that lasts for generations.
"Hiring Edmund and his team has truly given me a great sense of security."
Jayshree P.
What Does Your Thoughtful Estate Plan Look Like?
  • Prepares your children to live productive, meaningful lives
  • Provides a smooth transfer of your wealth to avoid chaos and confusion
  • Protects your assets and keeps more money in the family
  • Gives opportunities to your children and their children
  • Passes on your principles, values and wisdom to the next generation
  • Ensures you'll be remembered by the people you love most
3 Ways To Empower Your Family:
Transfer Your Wealth With Purpose And Intention
Do you want your children to use their inheritance wisely and productively? Do you want to give your grandchildren a head start in life? A thoughtful estate plan can give them opportunity and hope.
Protect Your Assets And Your Children's Inheritance
Keep more money in the family without giving up any control. We'll show you strategies to minimize taxes and protect your children's inheritance from their own debt, lawsuits and failed marriages.
Prepare Your Family For Medical Emergencies
If something happens to you, who will step in to make your medical and financial decisions? If you have young kids, who will raise them? Plan ahead to reduce the burden on your family.

We Provide World-Class Estate Planning Services In:

  • Asset & Inheritance Protection
  • Charitable Giving
  • Family Legacy Planning
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Tax Planning
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Your estate plan doesn't just transfer your assets to your family. It protects your wealth and passes on your values while allowing you to live your best life. Watch our videos to learn how to turn your goals into reality.
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Talk about leaving a lasting legacy.
"My mom feels very comfortable knowing that we're protected. Edmund was clear on the steps, stayed on schedule, delivered on his promises and intentions."
Sabitre and Rafael
Free Resource For You
Discover how to protect your wealth for your family... without sacrificing your lifestyle
Handcrafted by Edmund Yan, this insightful handbook will help you design a purpose-driven estate plan for your family. Click the button below to get your copy now.
For the past decade, attorney Edmund Yan has helped business owners, artists, doctors, nurses, engineers, financial professionals, lawyers and other amazing people in many walks of life. We are proud to provide exceptional, world-class service that makes a tremendous difference in our clients' lives.
10 best estate planning attorney for client satisfaction.
Top 2.5% estate planning attorney for 6 straight years.
Clients' Choice Award for our many 5-star client reviews.
Top 40 attorney under 40 for our clients' successes.
Serving Your Family with Empathy and Excellence
Attorney Edmund Yan with his son, Nathan

Hi, Edmund here. I help homeowners, professionals and business owners design a meaningful future for their families and leave a legacy of love. My mission is to care for parents and their children as Jesus would — to give peace and hope — one estate plan at a time.

Because of my dedication to my clients, I’ve received many humbling awards, including the 10 Best Estate Planning Attorney in California and recognition as one of the top 2.5% estate planning attorneys for 6 straight years.

If you want an attorney who listens and explains things clearly, then I invite you to schedule a phone call with me. I look forward to guiding your family for many generations. 


Edmund Yan

"The process was much easier and less stressful than we had expected. Edmund's very knowledgeable and organized and he's given us a feeling of confidence."
Suzy and James
You'll Love Our Virtual Service
We're known for giving our clients total protection, free ongoing support and convenience.
Get It Done At Home
We design your estate plan with you by phone or video conference. When your plan is ready, we deliver it to your house. No driving or sitting in a lawyer's office.
Total Protection
We don't just help you avoid probate and ensure a smooth transition. We offer tax, asset preservation and legacy planning.
Free Lifetime Support
For your estate plan to work, it must be updated. That’s why we review and update your plan every year for free. Once you're our client, you’re a client for life.
Our Award-Winning Process
We Design Your Plan Together
We Design Your Plan Together
We take the time to give you clarity and listen to what you really want for your family. Then, together we design a plan to turn your vision into reality.
  • A complete, custom plan so you can take care of your family in our own unique way.
  • Total protection from probate court and unnecessary taxes. It’s only right that your family inherits everything.
  • Flat fees. No surprises, no hourly billing and no hidden-fees.
We Custom Build Your Plan
We Custom Build Your Plan
We prepare all the documents and carefully review them with you so you know exactly how your plan works. Then, we deliver your plan in a handcrafted binder that’s gold-stamped with your name.
  • Unlimited revisions to ensure your plan is what you want.
  • No recycled, pre-filled forms. Each document is tailored to you.
  • Clear timeline so you know what to expect from start to finish.
We Keep It Updated (So It Works)
We Keep It Updated 
(So It Works)
Most estate plans fail because they’re old and outdated. That’s why we help you review and update your plan every year at no extra charge.
  • Free annual reviews to keep up with changes in your life and the law.
  • Free document updates so you don't have to worry about extra costs.
  • Free lifetime support. Got questions? Ask us. We don’t believe in hourly billing.
Frequently Asked Questions
Please read this before scheduling a free consultation.
How much do you charge?

Our fees are usually between $3,000 - $4,000 for a living trust-based estate plan. If you're price shopping or looking for the lowest price, we're not the right law firm for you. We work with thoughtful clients who want to get it done the right way. Your family deserves the best. If you want to learn how we can provide total protection for your family, click here to schedule your call.
How long is the process?

From start to finish, our process usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks. We carefully craft and customize every estate plan. Our intention is for you to walk away with total peace of mind knowing you've designed a promising future for your family. We promise to make it easy for you. If you want to learn about our award-winning process, click here.
Can we meet in person?

We are a virtual law firm and meet with clients by Zoom and phone only. We make it convenient for busy families and retired folks to receive world-class service in the comfort of their homes. This means no traffic and no waiting in a lawyer's office. We do our best to remove obstacles that may stop you from creating a plan that achieves your vision for your family.
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